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Auction vs Estates Agent in the West Coast

Posted on December 6, 2017 by Zharnel Redelinghuys in Uncategorized

Thinking about putting your house up for auction…..

Times are tough and with the market value going roller coaster I can understand that you want to consider putting your house up for auction and not with an estate agent. But there are positives and negatives for both sides.

Auctions normally goes faster and the people that are bidding on your place are more likely to be interested in only your place. But the thing is, people in the West Coast have time, they want their options open and they want great bargains. Estate agents may bring a bunch of buyers that they can refer as well as other properties on their books. Where an auctioneers marketing are more likely to be smaller.

Potential buyers like going to auctions, because they are told there will be a bargain, that the price are negotiable. But think about it, you want a nett price and the buyer has an amount that he is willing to pay. So how negotiable is this then? There is a change that you will get a lesser amount. Are you willing to accept that? Where when you go with an estate agent you are more likely to get a higher price. And then of course the commission of the auctioneers are usually higher than the estate agent who are normally willing to negotiate. The auctioneer’s expertise may also not be as good as an estate agent, who work with buyers and seller every day.

Where you will see most estate agents go the extra mile for their clients. The time selling your house may take longer, especially when your property is more than one Million Rand because there are more buyers looking for property in this market than for more expensive houses. But you will feel a part of the process.

You see estate agents are not only agents, they are much more than that. They are good listeners, talkers and friends. They want what’s best for you. Just think about what you want, if you are in a financial crises, bank is on your back, you just want to get rid of your home in a quick, cold and fast way…. Ask the estate agent for help….. Because for some reason auctions just don’t work here as well as the old traditional way.



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