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The Day after the storm..

Posted on June 9, 2017 by Gideon Langart in Uncategorized, West Coast Places of Interest

Please note that this article is written out of personal experience.

After announcements were made on the 6th of June 2017 for the storm to hit Cape Town and surrounding area’s, schools were closed and a sense of  fear was present in newcomers to Velddrif. Resident of Velddrif are not used to extreme weather conditions weren’t sure what to expect, preparing for the worse… most of us went home early on theusday evening with fear of being stuck in the storm!

Winds were starting to blow stronger … stronger…. we prayed for the rain that was much needed in the West Coast..

Wednesday 7th June 2017 – Day of the Storm:

Winds were gusting and we kept those living in Cape Town in our prayers. Cape Town had expected Oceans swells up to 12m, flooding in a few areas where people weren’t able to drive to work.

While keeping all of this in mind, looking out of our office window – I felt a sense of blessing…. Port Owen and Velddrif was not feeling the storm in all it’s glory!…. Afternoon the rain came!

Port Owen Main Marina during the storm. Safest place to berth your boat.

The ocean at Laaiplek enjoyed playing around with a few metres high swells and the Jetty was overflowing. With the waves breaking on shore it did extend some of the beach. Video’s and photo’s was taken and shared all over social media.

Even with the winds gusting, waves breaking on shore and rain pouring, the restaurants and businesses situated only a few metres from the beach had experienced no damage!

From the Tuesday night to the Thursday morning the damage in town was a few broken branches, leaves in the streets, tents blown over, shade netting that came loose and a few light fixed roofs that was blown off.

Thursday 8th of June – The Day after the storm:

Clear skies, fresh breeze drifting on by and a sense of new hope was in the air! It was a beautiful West Coast day!

The salt, fresh smell of the playful ocean just made me realize again how happy we are to live this wonderful West Coast lifestyle.

Laaiplek beach and jetty the day after the storm.

The Main Marina was as beautiful as ever!

Main Marina. Port Owen

The sun was setting and though we are used to having magnificent beach, waterway and Berg river sunsets, the in-land sunset the day after the storm was a blessing to be witnessed

In land sunset

The Berg river had a tone of mystery and picture perfect moments. And just being there at that time, at that moment, was soul nourishing…

Happy ducks paddling around.

After the storm it was proven that we are very well situated, well hidden from storms and we receive the least wind of the West Coast towns. Not only is Port Owen and Velddrif one of the lowest crime-rated towns in the country…. It’s one of the safest from storms in the West Coast as well!


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