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Port Owen

This marina was started in the late 70’s by Owen Wiggins who had noticed this bend in the Berg River when he was auctioning land in the area.

Here’s his foreword for The Port Owen Handbook, written by Gideon Langart and published in 1988.

“Port Owen is, to me, what property development is all about. A place really is an improvement on what was there before.

Properly executed, a marina is a thing of beauty, romance and adventure.  It’s a destination to strive towards across miles of ocean, a starting point for journeys and a haven of refuge.

Besides that it offers an outdoor lifestyle and an involvement with the elements like no other.  A marina offers the ultimate in comfortable, exotic, outdoor living with friends all around you.

They say that a labourer lies buried under every mile of the TransAmerica Railway line.  i know that there’s a sleepless night for every metre of waterway at Port Owen.  But for all that it has been labour of love.  Now it is the turn of the residents, sailors and visitors who will bring life to Port Owen – enjoy it.”

Port Owen comprises 100 ha and has 3.5 km of private waterways dredged through the middle of it. This required moving approximately a million cubic metres of rock and sand, taking over 15 years. I mentioned this to an engineer at Oranjemund diamond mine once and he told me “We do that in a week here”. The reason for the waterways being slowly dredged was to keep pace with the development and stay in line with sales. A feature of the waterways is the Rhinomattrasse walling which provides a natural-like surface to the waterways for marine organisms.

Pic of Port Owen Marina and the Great Berg River

Port Owen Marina from the air

Port Owen



The waterways provide safe berthing for ocean-going yachts and are under the supervision of the Port Owen Marina Authority. www.poma.org.za.
Port Owen also has its own yacht club www.portowenyc.co.za which was started by Gideon Langart on his yacht Absolutely!, as an informal Friday evening get-together and later was formalized into a regular yacht club.

In the heart of Port Owen there is Admiral Island which offers properties with the added enhancement of being surrounded by water and having 24 hour security. http://www.admiralisland.co.za/

Gideon Langart has been developing and marketing Port Owen properties since 1983, nobody knows Port Owen like he does.

Hi Gideon

Thanks a million for selling me that plot and your help in marketing my house in Port Owen, which has turned to be the very best investment in my life.  All the best”

Colin White   Port Owen





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The Port Owen Neighbourhoods

The Sunset Strip

This is the area along Alana Ave, between Anaretha St. and the Port Owen Yacht Club.  The houses are either riverfronting or semi-riverfronting panhandles.  They face North-West so the river, the salt marsh, the flamingoes and beyond them St. Helena Bay and the sunset.  The predominent wind, the South-Easter comes from the back of the houses so the living area is in the lee of the house.  An ideal situation from a positional point of view.  Boat owners here keep their boats at the Main Yacht Harbour which is a short stroll away.  The wonderful Russell’s on the Port is adjacent to this neighbourhood, near the Yacht Club.   Google Earth: 32°46’50.84″ S 18°09’00.54″ E

Sunset Strip properties have the best views in the West Coast

View from a Sunset Strip property

The Main Yacht Harbour

Often mistakenly called the marina (the whole of Port Owen is a marina) the Main Yacht Harbour has properties both sides along Helena  and Maxie Avenues.  The views are very interesting with the yachts in front and one meets interesting sailors from all over the world.  A prestigious area with some impressive houses.

Pic of Port Owen Marina Main Yacht Harbour neighbourhood

The Main yacht Harbour at Port Owen

The Peninsula

Lying between the Main Yacht Harbour and the Berg River, The Peninsula has only one road in and out.  This quiet neighbourhood offers walks along the river and strolls next tom the boats.  It is handy for boat owners to have a nearby berth at the Yacht Harbour and get the best of both worlds, a peaceful riverfront view and walking distance to their boat.

Sheila Ave, Port Owen

Sheila Ave. On the Port Owen Peninsula

Marina Centre

The high density and commericial centre of Port Owen.  Here you will find the Port Owen Marina Timeshare Resort where you can also rent accommodation, Harbour Centre Shops and a boatyard with a crane. Harbour Centre has flats above and on the ground floor offers you Gideon Estates, The Vietjie Tavern and Restuarant, Health Spa and Hydro, Capelli Beauty salon and Port Owen Cafe.

Boats and canoes can be hired from the timeshare resort and Tollies Boat Rides and Sandpiper Yacht Charters are available here.

The Area has Harbour Lights Flats, Harbour Side Townhouses, Harbour Centre Flats and Marina Point Duplexes.  On the other side of Port Owen Drive is Pelican Harbour which is a walled community which forms part of the Admiral Island.  The 24 hour security entrance to Admiral Island is also in this area.

Harbour Centre in the Marina centre neighbourhood, showing shops and flats

Harbour Centre, the commercial heart of Port Owen

pic of Harbour lights

Harbour Lights waterfront flats and Penthouses – A Gideon estates iniative

Pic of Port Owen's Vaitjie Restuarant menu

Typical menu at the Vaaitjie Restuarant, Port Owen