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Sailing in St Helena Bay

St. Helena Bay offers the finest sailing on the South African Coast.  Many well-known sailing figures including John Martin, Dave Hudson and Bertie Reed have said so.  Having Port Owen as a safe harbour to store your boat, as well as the destinations of Langebaan, Saldanha, Cape Town, Elands Bay and Lamberts Bay nearby. This is a great place to come for sailing holidays.  Or to live aboard as I did for many years.

When the Southeaster is blowing, if one comes out of the Harbour Mouth and turns NNW, then East, and then SW, it is possible to do a days pleasant sailing and be home without having to beat.  What’s more, the east-west portion of the river is perfect for furling and unfurling the sails with the time taken from Port Owen to the sea being perfect to make ready.  port Owen and Admiral Island is tailor-made for sailing.

Two coordinates you should have are Doctor’s Reef and North Blinder

Doctor’s Reef 32 46 29.2 S
18 06 02.6 E
be sure to avoid this if sailing Westward from the Harbour Mouth
North Blinder 32 38 S
17 58 E
Quite a large area and this is roughly the middle

Here is where you can throw your crayfish ring.  Watch out for the floating lines of the crayfish traps.



Changes to Racing Rules

Here are the links to the latest yacht racing rules.

201701 RRS notification